On 25 October, 1925 a miracle took place in the small town of Hajdúszoboszló.

While searching for hydrocarbones, a 73 °C thermal spring, with a healing power that was proved shortly after- wards, was found 1091 metres below the surface.It is Pávai Vajna Ferenc, a distinguished geologist, the 'father' of our thermal water, who is to be thanked for finding this wonder of nature that has been sewing mankind for more than seventy years now. This brownish, velvet-like, hot treasure of the Earth's depths had flood nearby surface dents and ditches and local people soon began to bathe and wash their clothes in it. And the amazement did not stop. They soon realised that the water simply performed miracles.Wounds eased faster and rheumatic ills eased.

Based on the analyses of the scientists the town decided to build a spa. One and a half year later on July 26 th, 1927. the so-called "sand-spa"opened to the public.
The 70 years that elapsed since, have been rich in events, tourism has picked up and the spa had to be enlarged and modernized several times to be able to meet new demands. Thanks to the town, which has always supported the spa, the medicinal spa was able to reborn time after time and develop to live up to the expectations of each and every age. Just like it is doing the same thing now, approaching a new millennium.During the time of the change in economic policy - in 1991 - the municipality converted the baths into an incorporated company, which has been the majo- rity owner since then. In the middle of the nineti- es, bottling of the mineral water commenced, the company's own travel agency was opened and its own camping site was constructed.

The 1st January 1996 is a significant historical date. The one-time nationalised thermal wells of Hajdúszoboszló, were returned to their rightful owner. The representative body in 1995 decided unanimously on their repurchase!From 1996 to these days a great renewal process had been finished in Hajdúszoboszló Medicinal Spa, because the management of the Co. with the owner Local Government started its development project at this time: In 1996 our medicinal sanatorium- the Hotel Thermal Therapy - opened its gates, which had had an own bath building soon. New therapies started to work in Hotel Délibáb and Hotel Silver enlarging the number of medical treatments, too. In 1998 we finished the modern thermal bath's building, that we are really proud of!

In 2000 Hungary's first entertaining water center, the Aquapark had been established. The Széchenyi Project offered a 2,5 billion investment in 2000-2001. It helped in developing the open air bath, enlarging the Aquapark, building new therapy rooms in thermal bath, new learner's and medical pools, a sauna, and at last but not least in autumn of 2002 the hall of our themal bath had been improved. The most significant developments are in the open air bath, because with renewing of pools, Europe's only mediterranian beach had been established with different beautiful sights.

In 2005 a three star hotel "Hungarospa Thermal Hotel and a modern mineral water bottling plant was built. 

The Aqua-Palace Covered Adventure Bath was inaugurated in March 2010. The total value of investment was 4,85 billion forint. 

The lates project of Hungarospa came true in 2014.  Main elements of the project were: 

- Expansion of the Aquapark by a new area, 6 new extreme slides and a 20 m high climbing wall; construction of an adventure waterpark   for children.   

- Installation of new  fun facilities (such as sports grounds on water, lazy river, interactive toys) at the Omega-pool and the pool used for swimming lessons, creation of a foam-show area and a stage for kid shows.

 - Renovation of the thermal bath’s hall, considerable expansion of the resting area, complete renovation of the showers, enlarging the capacity of our carbon-dioxide treatment facility, purchasing a Cryo cold sauna.