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IBR Diagnostics and treatment

IBR – SYSTEM Integrated Biological Regulatory System – A revolutionary biophysical system for healing

This micro-electro-magnetic diagnostic and therapeutic system is the first in the world to enable complex electrical and magnetic spectrum analysis and graphical display of the human body. The main goal of the inventive team of doctors and engineers was to stimulate and optimise the patient’s self-regulating, self-healing processes during the treatment. The IBR – SYSTEM asks the patient’s body questions in the form of electrical and magnetic pulses, to which it responds, and the answers are then evaluated by the device. It corrects and modifies the incorrect ones. In this way, it promotes and enhances normal functioning, while extinguishing harmful ones. The procedure is completely painless!

The IBR System can be of great help in the treatment of various pathologies:

The acid-base balance of the body
Acute and chronic pain
Allergy treatment
Allergic skin inflammations
Allergic tracheitis
Atopic dermatitis
Inflammatory bowel diseases
Candida screening and treatment
Food allergy
Painful menstruation
Drug and substance testing
Peptic ulcer
Joint complaints
Complaints about climate change
Chronic digestive disorders
Chronic gynaecological problems
Boosting a weakened immune system
Conditions after surgery
Detoxification at cellular level
Psoriasis (Psoriasis)
Rheumatic diseases
Post-injury conditions
Coal Canary
Recurrent middle ear infections

The device also has an electric homeopathic mode.

As with all IBR-System therapy centres, our preventive healing work is no less about achieving transformation in the lives of our patients than it is about physical transformation. We believe that treating illnesses should not just focus on the symptoms, we strive to transform lives. During your time in our hotel, you will learn new lifestyle and life management habits that will help you live a healthier and more fulfilling life. We don’t just treat the symptoms, we help to ensure that the improvement is sustainable and long-lasting.

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