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Salt therapy


The dry salt therapy is primarily used in rehabilitation treatment of patients suffering from chronic respiratory disease.

The essence of the process is to create an environment imitating the microclimate of the salt mine in a closed room. The patients can enjoy the positive effect of the salty climate in this chamber.

 The treatment of choric diseaes is only successful during a cure.

 The patients are examined by our doctor before the cure. During the rehabilitaion cure we utilize the favorable climate of the salt mines for respiratory diseases what experienced in centaries: the patients inhale the guite finely divided salt (NaCl) in ionized state which probably makes a durable and significant improvement in case of drowning type illnesses (allergic respiratory disease, asthma bronchiale, acute and chronic bronchitis)

There are no known side effects of the process. It can be used from early childhood.

During the cure there is an acclimization period of 3-4 days for the patients, and they sit in the climateroom altogether 20 times, the duration of it determined for every person individually, it is from 15-60 minutes. The cure can be made within 10 days, 2 treatments can be a day, but at least 5 hours should be between the 2 treatments, but in case of children the feasibility depends on the patience of the child.

It can be a significant improvement in case of 20 treatments. The improvement can be in the number of asthma attack, and in severity of dyspnea. The duration of seizures can be reduced and the patients will have a minor medicine demand.

In case of a cure, the first treatment is 20 minutes, the second is 30 minutes and every treatment from the third one it is 1 hour.