Medical wather

In 1925, during a search for oil, thermal water erupted from the depths of the earth. The water rose from a depth of 1100 meters, with a temperature of 75 °C. According to analysis, researchers found out that the water contained iodine, bromine, salt, hydro carbonates as well as bitumen (containing estrogen) and different trace elements, such as vanadium, copper, zinc, silver, strontium, barium, lead.

Dr. János Bodnár, director of the Department of Medical Chemistry, Faculty of Medicine of Debrecen University, said the following about the water of Hajdúszoboszló: “According to our analysis, the water from the deep drillings of Hajdúszoboszló can be classified as alkaline-iodine-bromine-containing thermal spring water. The water is unique from the point of view of chemical components and high temperature; according to the available data, there are no known water springs that are similar to this one.”

According to Dr. Zoltán Dalmady, balneologist, university professor: “ from the point of view of physical and chemical characteristics of the thermal water of Hajdúszoboszló, it is rather peculiar to see that the density and composition of these components make the water similar to the composition of human tissue fluids. Particular attention should be paid to its comparison to the water of sea baths, as the thermal water of Hajdúszoboszló is basically the summoned spirit of a Triassic period sea. Looking at the amount of salt that can be found in the water, it is clear that it is similar to a fivefold diluted seawater, with the distinction of having less magnesium, calcium and a lot more hydrocarbonate content in it. In spite of this it can be used in therapies and recreation just like any other type of seawater that has a similarly diluted water composition.”  

Contents (mg/I)          OKI (1994)
Kálium K+ 11,3
Nátrium Na+ 1530
Ammónium Nh4 14,8
Kálcium Ca2+ 8,6
Magnézium Mg2+ 5,4
Vas Fe2+ 0,79
Mangán Mn2+ -
Lítium Li+ 0,2
Aluminium Al+++ -


Nitrát NO3 -
Nitrit No2 -
Klorid Cl2- 1495
Bromid Br- 9,8
Jodid J- 5,5
Fluorid F- 1,7
Szulfát SO42- 37
Hidrogénkarbonát HCO3- 1790
Szulfid S2- 0,16
Összes foszfát PO43- 0,25
Karbonát CO32- 9,0


Metaborsav HBO2 84
Metakovasav H2SiO3 52
Szabad szénsav Co2 -
Oldott oxigén O2 nyom
Arzén As 84 -

Bath cures in our spa have beneficial effect on the following illnesses:

  1. Chronic joint inflammation (polyarthritis chr. sec.)
  2. Degenerative joint problems (arthrosis)
  3. Different acute inflammatory degenerative problems of the spine (spondylosis M. Bechterew; chondrosis)
  4. Chronic problems, inflammations of the nervous system (neuralgia; neuritis)
  5. Rehabilitation from the Heine-Medin disease; cerebral hemorrhage, brain operation or follow-up treatment from any paralysis.
  6. Acute muscle pains (myalgia)
  7. Rehabilitation from general and sport injuries
  8. Stimulates appearance of callus in case of bone breaks recovering with difficulties
  9. Certain locomotor disorders
  10. Chronic gynecological problems
  11. Infertility
  12. Acute skin problems


Visiting the spa is not recommended for those who are suffering from the following diseases:

  1. Acute inflammatory diseases
  2. Any forms of cancer or malignant tumor
  3. Circulatory disorder
  4. Serious rise in blood pressure
  5. Tuberculosis disease
  6. Serious illness of the central nervous system
  7. Epidemic diseases
  8. Epidemic skin disease
  9. Pregnancy