Premium Zone

Premium Zone  at the open air bath of Hajdúszoboszló

The zone satisfies five-star quality requirements with its special spectacle pools (Plitvice, Tahiti and Amazonas) that are a feast for the eyes, and with its comfort wellness services.

The most special outdoor wellness spa of the country expects its visitors with exotic spectacle pools and unique experiences. The Premium Zone pools take bathers to different landscapes worldwide in their imagination.

The pool inspired by the Plitvice Lakes features a huge waterfall with rocks; the pool evoking the Amazonas River hosts a lazy river ride and jacuzzi pools installed on galleries; while the wavy Tahiti pool includes jacuzzi beds and a water bar.

Entertainment for the youngest is provided by a kiddie pool equipped with water games.

Premium cushioned sunbeds and sunshades serve the comfort of our guests, with sheltered yurts offering shade for resting.

Culinary delights are provided by our Premium self-service restaurant.

The Premium Zone outdoor wellness spa may be used with a supplementary ticket after purchasing the spa entry ticket.


Plitvice medencecsoport

Tahiti2 medence2