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Salt therapy


Dry salt therapy is primarily used in the rehabilitation process of patients suffering from chronic respiratory diseases.

The essence of the process is to create an environment imitating the microclimate of a salt mine in a closed room. The patients can enjoy the positive effect of the salty climate in this chamber.

The treatment of chronic diseases is only successful if it is done in the form of therapies.

Patients are examined by our doctors before the therapy. During rehabilitation therapies, we utilize the favorable climate of the salt mines for respiratory diseases. The positive effects of salt mines have been known for centuries: patients inhale the finely divided salt (NaCl) in its ionized state, which results in a long-lasting and significant improvement in the case of diseases causing breathing problems (allergic respiratory disease, bronchial asthma, acute and chronic bronchitis).

There are no known side effects of the process. It can be used from early childhood.

During the therapy there is an acclimatization period of 3-4 days, where patients sit in the therapy-room for a total of 20 occasions. The duration of this acclimatization period is determined for every person individually, it ranges from 15 to 60 minutes. The therapy can be finished within 10 days, 2 treatments can be used in a day, but at least 5 hours should pass between 2 treatments. In the case of children feasibility depends on the patience of the child.

A significant improvement can be achieved on 20 occasions in total. The improvement can be noticed in the reduced number of asthma attacks, and in the reduced severity of dyspnea. The duration of seizures will be reduced and the patients will have a reduced need for medication.

The duration of each session is the following: the first treatment lasts for 20 minutes, the second for 30 minutes, and every treatment after the third one lasts for 1 hour.