Swimming pool

The indoor “Árpád” Swimming Pool is next to the campsite and is open all day.

The building, opened in 1992, is unique in the Eastern part of Hungary. The pool meets international standards, so it is also suitable for competitions.

It has an 8-track, 50-meter swimming pool with a water temperature of 25-27 C°. The water quality meets public health standards.

With a cloakroom in the lounge and 600 lockers in the changing room, the swimming pool awaits lovers of water sports. In the building, guests can also find 2 fully equipped gyms, and a restaurant in the lounge. The members of the Waterpolo Club  and many schoolchildren during P.E. lessons all train here. The indoor pool is getting more and more popular in the country and abroad as well. The facility has hosted important sporting events on several occasions, and teams from other clubs come here to train.

In 2002, a learner's pool was built with 2 new medical pools. Our guests can relax all year in two pools, filled with medical water, or an outside pool filled with thermal water, which is available during fall, winter, and spring.  Those who want to have a healthy life can use our new sauna and vertical solarium. In the hall of the facility, there is a restaurant.


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