Aqua-Palace Indoor Adventure Spa prices

Aqua-Palace price lists

Daily entrance fees
Ticket type15.06 - 31.08.
every day
01.09 - 31.12.
weekend and holiday
01.09 - 31.12.
Entrance fee for adults5.000,-5.900,-6.400,-5.500,-
Entrance fee for students (with student card)3.600,-4.500,-4.900,-3.900,-
Entrance fee for children (till 7 years)2.400,-3.100,-3.400,-2.600,-
Entrance fee for adults from 16.003.600,-4.500,-4.900,-3.900,-
Entrance fee for students from 16.00 (with student card)2.600,-3.400,-3.700,-2.800,-
Entrance fee for children from 16.00 (till 7 years)1.900,-2.600,-2.800,-2.000,-
Sauna and salt chamber1.300,-1.300,-1.300,-1.300,-
Discounted price for the guests with a valid treatment card for the Hungarospa Hajdúszoboszlói Zrt.’s main medical centre and for guests of our camping (-20%)4.000,-4.720,-5.200,-4.400,-
Safe deposit700,-700,-700,-700,-
Wellness servicesminuteHUF
Méregtelenítő csomag(Dermalife, cellulit kezelés, talpmasszázs,  teázás 1 kancsó virágzó teával))9011.800,-
Érzéki kényeztetés csomag(Pindasweda masszázs 30 perc, szolárium 6 perc, teázás 1 kancsó virágzó teával)7.500,-
Refreshing massage with creem/oil305.800,-
Refreshing massage with creem/oil6011.000,-
Sole massage with creem/oi305.800,-
Shiatsu massage305.800,-
Shiatsu massage6011.000,-
Ayurvedical massage with oil60 11.800,-
Soul warming massage with oil/cream306.000,-
Soul warming massage with oil/cream6011.800,-
Massage of vitality306.000,-
Massage of vitality6011.800,-
Massage with lava rocks60 13.300,-
Thai massage307.800,-
Thai massage6013.800,-
Várandós kismama Thai masszázs307.400,-
Várandós kismama Thai masszázs458.600,-
Várandós kismama Thai masszázs6011.100,-
Olajos Thai masszázs60 17.400,-
Cellulit kezelés305.800,-
Pindasweda(massage with herbs oil)6013.300,-
Massage with bambus30 6.000,-
Bed of magnetic stress resolving304.800,-
Dermalife30 3.800,-
Exclusive serviceshourHUF
Private bath-device/max 6 persons/on weekdays2,515.000,-
Private bath-device/max 6 persons/on weekends2,518.800,-
Private bath-device/max 6 persons/on weekdayswhole day25.000,-
Private bath-device/max 6 persons/on weekendswhole day31.300,-
Room for relaxation/for 2 persons/on weekdays2,515.000,-
Room for relaxation/for 2 persons/on weekends2,518.800,-
Room for relaxation/for 2 persons/on weekdays525.000,-
Room for relaxation/for 2 persons/on weekends531.300,-
Programs for babies-momsminuteHUF
Swimming for babies302.500,-
Swimming for babies 3x307.200,-
Swimming for babies 5x3012.000,-
Massage for babies301.300,-
Massage for babies 3x303.500,-
Massage for babies 5x305.800,-
Sport and fitness servicesminuteHUF
Squash/from monday till thursday602.800,-
Squash/on fridays,saturdays, sundays and high days604.000,-
Alakformáló torna601.000,-
Alakformáló bérlet 10 alkalomra609.000,-
Kardio Body601.500,-
Pilates 10x609.000,-
TRX 10x309.000,-
Spinning 10x6018.000,-
Gym 10x9.000,-
Rent a racket(squash)750,-
Ütő bérlés (ping-pong)380,-
Caution money for the racket (squash)6.300,-
Caution money for the racket(ping-pong)2.500,-
Sport, tánc stb. rendezvényekre vonatkozó bérleti díj5.000,-Ft/óra
Öltözőszekrény és zuhanyzó használata sport rendezvényeken250,-

The services in the surf building can be used independently, without paying an adventure pool entrance fee.

Dear Guests!

Please note that in the event of bad weather conditions, the Aqua-Palace may be overloaded up to the maximum number of guests allowed. In case of a full house – for the safety of the guests – Hungarospa Hajdúszoboszló Zrt. reserves the right to temporarily suspend the sale of tickets to the Aqua -Palace. We recommend that you call our central phone number 06-52/558-558 to inquire in advance about the services available at the Aqua-Palace Adventure Spa. Our guests cannot claim any compensation from Hungarospa Hajdúszoboszló Zrt. due to the restriction on the purchase of tickets. This is for the safety of our guests! Thank you for your kind understanding!