Aqua-Palace Adventure bath

Address: 4200. Hajdúszoboszló, Szent István park 1-3.
Tel/Fax: +36-52-558-558/302

Opening hours
Every day
10:00 – 20:00.
Pool closure: 19:30.

The Aqua-Palace indoor spa, covering 15.000 m2, is available to all family members from the oldest to the youngest with an exceptionally wide selection of services to choose from, in Europe’s largest spa complex. The Aqua-Palace is connected directly to the Hajduszoboszló Medical Spa, Open-air Spa, Aquapark and Premium Zone. Eight of the 15 pools of the Aqua-Palace are located on the ground floor. The exclusive adventure pools evoke different eras and sites, each of which highlights the uniqueness of the spa.
Highlights the uniqueness of the spa:

  • tropical pool (32-34 °C)
  • ice cave pool (25-27 °C)
  • cinema pool (34-36 °C)
  • Pávai thermal pool (34-36 °C),
  • Ganges pool (32-34 °C)
  • Roman pool (32-34 °C)
  • sea-bathing pool (32-34 °C)
  • cave pool (34-36 °C)

Each pool is equipped with different massaging rigs to enrich the guests’ bathing experience. Equipment such as: water jet massages, lazy rivers, bubble beds, whirlpools, etc. Family and giant slides are available to those who want to have a bit more extreme adventures in the spa.

In the surf building of the Aqua-Palace, the conference room with 180 seats is the perfect place to hold events.

The Aqua-Palace is directly connected to the Medical Spa and the Open-air Spa. To enter these facilities you must buy a separate entrance ticket.

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Aqua-Palace Adventure bath