Baby - Mum programmes

For the complete comfort of your baby at the Aqua-Palace Experience Spa

  • the baby-mama pool,
  • the changing, breastfeeding and rest room,
  • the baby swimming pool
  • and baby slides.

For babies, we offer baby swimming and baby massage.

You can ask about the sessions at the Aqua-Palace reception

Tel: +36-52-558-558 / 302 extension

Baby - Mum programmes at the Aqua-Palace Adventure Spa

10:30 - 11:00babaúszás
11:00 - 11:30babaúszás
11:45 - 12:15babamasszázsbabamasszázsbabamasszázs

Price list

Baba-mama programokpercHUF
Baba-úszás bérlet/3 alkalom307.200,-
Baba-úszás bérlet/5 alkalom3012.000,-
Baba masszázs301.300,-
Baba masszázs bérlet/ 3 alkalom303.500,-
Baba masszázs bérlet/ 5 alkalom305.800,-

What to know about baby swimming

The baby and the water:

The swimming movement as a form of locomotion, and its structural simplicity, is similar to the crawling movement of a toddler. After nine months in the water, it’s no surprise how relaxed he is in the bath, enjoying and even soothing the water. Therefore, water habituation can start as early as infancy. These occasions are important for babies, both physically and in terms of bonding with their parents. At this stage, we are still talking about instinctive movement. Starting baby swimming is recommended from 3 months of age and 6 kg.

Diving reflex:

The infant’s innate reflex ensures that until the age of 6 to 7 months, if the baby is submerged in water – even just its face or perhaps its whole head – it will hold its breath and not swallow water. We call this the diving reflex.

Necessary tools, preparations:

For the pool, a special nappy, the swimming nappy, is recommended. Disposable, single-use or washable nappies are also suitable.

It is not recommended to feed your baby 1 hour before the session, but at the end of the session he will be hungry and more importantly thirsty, so he needs to be given fluids immediately after the session.

The effect of baby swimming on your baby:

The water temperature is 30- 32 degrees Celsius. During aquatic activities, not only their diving skills increase, they are under water more and longer, their “fitness” also changes, as the movement works not only the muscles but also the circulatory system. Baby swimmers are more resistant to common childhood illnesses and learn age-specific movements more quickly and stably. Their learning abilities, not only their motor skills but also their intellectual development and socialisation skills, are developed during the sessions.

When is it not recommended to take the baby swimming?

– Fever,

– You have diarrhoea,

– Common cold (nasal congestion),

– For a skin rash where it is not established whether it is infectious or not,

– For infection of conjunctivitis,

– For severe earache

– In other cases, when justified by a doctor.

What to know about baby massage

Vimala McClure’ s experiences and her own experience of massaging her children led her to create her baby massage method: a combination of ancient Indian massage, Swedish massage, reflexology and yoga.

The positive effects of baby massage:

– It stimulates the skin, the respiratory circulatory system, aids digestion, the development of the sensory organs and the muscular system, while also playing a significant role in stress relief.

– Massaged babies are more resistant to illness, more balanced, calmer, more alert and more interested when awake. They cry less, fall asleep more easily and their sleep quality improves. Their weight gain and development are more balanced.

– It promotes the bonding process. Loving activities with children, such as baby massage, provide security and create an intimate atmosphere in the family.

– To the delight of both of them, they can spend happy, joyful moments together, and the parent can soothe the tummy ache, teething pains and soothe the baby with the massage.

Learning baby massage:

We welcome pregnant mums (at least in the second trimester) and babies aged 0-1 and their parents/carers. Parents/carers have three individual sessions and five group sessions to learn baby massage. During the sessions, parents/carers massage their own baby while sitting on a sponge on the floor, so it is advisable to arrive in comfortable clothes.

Something else to bring with you:

– a towel to lay under the baby, and

– baby oil for massaging (either vegetable or mineral)

If for some reason parents/carers are unable to massage their own child or if they are expecting mothers, we offer the opportunity to learn massage techniques on a toy doll.