Mineral water

Hungarospa Hajdúszoboszló Zrt. the bottler of mineral water, Pávai Vajna mineral water, named after the explorer and “father” of medicinal water. A IX. The water from well No.1 is rich in minerals and is recommended for consumption. According to the certificate of Professor Dr. János Rigó, Director of the National Institute of Dietetics:

Low-salt, bicarbonate mineral water enriched with carbon dioxide is beneficial for drinking cures mainly for digestive diseases: acidosis, urinary tract infections and ulcers, due toits acid reducing and neutralising effect.”
The mineral water contains a combination of calcium, boron, fluoride and silicon, which is beneficial against osteoporosis. Its iodine content may be beneficial in the prevention and control of iodine deficiency.

Read more about the physiological effects of iodine here.

In 2005, Pávai Vajna mineral water won the “Hajdú-Bihar County Quality Product” award, in 2007 the “Recommended by the North Great Plain Region” award, and in 2009 the II. Thermal & Wellness exhibition, it was awarded a certificate of honour as the special prize winner of the “Rendezvous of Mineral Waters”.

Bottled since 1994, the mineral water was first marketed under the name Hajdúvíz, which was changed to Pávai Vajna in 1996. Since 2004, the bottling of mineral water has been carried out on a modern production line, which has increased the capacity several times over. The bottle shape and label have been redesigned. The bottling plant fills around three million bottles of various capacities a year.

The Pávai Vajna mineral water can be purchased at the bottling plant on József Attila Street, at the beach area, in grocery stores in Hajdúszoboszló and the surrounding area.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday from 7:30 to 15:30

List of shops to selling Pávai Vajna mineral water:

INTERSPAR In all stores in Hungary


BOCSKAI ABC Szoboszló COOP Ltd. Szilfákalja street 4.

DÓZSA COOP Szoboszló COOP Ltd. Dózsa György út 13.

4.SZAMÚ BOLT Szoboszló COOP Ltd. 103 Hőforrás Street 103.

650.COOP SZOLNOK Zrt Szilfákalja utca 46.

651.COOP SZOLNOK Zrt. Mátyás Király sétány 18.

ZSU-AN Wesselényi utca 58.

BEST 100 Gólya zug 1.

SAROK CSEMEGE Ady Endre utca 1.

ERZSÉBET ÚTI ABC Erzsébet utca 11.

NON STOP REÁL ÜZLET Hőforrás utca 1.

CSILI CSALAMÁDÉ Bethlen utca 2. (vegetable market)

BODOGÁN ABC Hősök tere 19.

CBA KENDER Kender utca

BERCSÉNYI ABC Bercsényi u. 1.


SZERENCSE ABC Rácz Farkas u.


DRINK PATT Szoboszlói út 50.

ALASZKA Ltd. Mikepércsi út 6.

JUMBO 32 Ltd. Nyíl u. 118.

HAJDÚ-COOP Csapó utca 74-76.

COOP SZOLNOK Zrt. 620.-640. shops:

  • Tócóskert tér 4.
  • Angyalföld tér 17.
  • Közép u. 7.
  • Petőfi tér 8. /a
  • Piac u. 40.
  • Teleki u. 8.
  • Csapó u.110.
  • Kassai u. 78.
  • Dózsa Gy. 11.a
  • Gyergyó u. 8. (Vénkerti ABC)
  • Jerikó u. 13. (Újkerti ABC)
  • Hunyadi u. 2.
  • Simonyi u. 39.
  • Vezér u 6.


No 2. SZOBOSZLÓ COOP Ebes, Széchenyi tér 3.


HERPÁLY ABC Berettyóújfalu, Tardi u 25.


653.COOP SZOLNOK Zrt. Nyíregyháza, Stadion utca 2.


ÉSZAK-KELET PRO-COOP Miskolc Fonoda u. 8.


TAYLOR Kft Szentendre, Dobogókői utca 4.


COOP ABC Őrbottyán, Rákóczi u. 161.


  • 2241 Sülysáp, Vasút út. 114/7.
  • 2119 Pécel, Baross G. u. 9.
  • 2230 Gyömrő, Szent Imre út 62.
  • 2225 Üllő, Ócsai út. 36.
  • 2225 Üllő, Gyöngyvirág tér hrsz. 835/2
  • 2225 Üllő, Baross G. u. 1/b.
  • 2200 Monor, Kossuth L. u. 95.
  • 2200 Monor, Nemzetőr u. 28.
  • 2200 Monor, Mártírok u. 24.
Mineral water