Bidding farewell to winter and welcoming spring with the busos in Hajdúszoboszló

Never before has the winter farewell in Hajdúszoboszló been as unique and memorable as this year. "Bidding farewell to winter with the Busos" is an event where tradition and fun meet, as participants celebrate the end of winter together.
For the event 2024. Saturday, 2 March will take place. At 17:00, József Eisler will speak to tell us the story of the Busójárás. Participants will gain an insight into the rich world of traditions.
The programme continues at 17:15 with a round dance and Coke music. Afterwards, at 17:25, the audience will be invited to join in the winter fun, where everyone will be able to share in moments of joy and laughter.
At 17:45, a cosy bonfire will take place, adding to the magic of the event. The glow of the flames and the fusion of winter celebration traditions make the evening an unforgettable experience. Around the fire, people gather to enjoy together the moments of saying goodbye to winter.
Come and join us in Hajdúszoboszló to celebrate the farewell of winter together!