Medical treatments

In our Medical Spa you can choose from more than 40 kinds of treatment such as: massage, mud treatment, weight bath, physiotherapy in water, and soft laser treatment. These treatments can have the best effect if they are combined with each other. Among other therapies, we use massage, mud treatments, weight baths, underwater jet massage, underwater physiotherapies, various electro therapies, and the most modern soft-laser treatments. Nowadays, the emphasis is on complex physiotherapies which combine bathing therapies with other treatments such as: physiotherapy, mechanotherapy, electrotherapy. Mud treatments are carried out using mud wraps made from our own mud which is obtained from drillings and from the sediment of the thermal water. The balneotherapy treatments work only if it is done in the form of a longer therapy, lasting for at least two weeks.

Hydro-balneotherapy treatments: - Every hydrotherapy in our facility is done by using thermal water

  • Weight-bath therapy: we apply a pulling force on the body in a specially constructed pool; in the case of the patients being suspended from their necks in the pool, we also implement the usage of an electric tool which vibrates, thus relieving the pressure from the intervertebral discs and nerve roots, mitigating the shrinkage of nerves and muscles, relieving muscle-cramps.
  • Underwater jet massage: besides the water’s chemical and physical parameters, the massage has a muscle tone reducing effect, increasing blood flow in the peripheral blood vessels. We recommend these therapies in the case of myalgies, muscle spasms, contractures, circulatory problems, and in the case of balance disorders in the autonomic nervous system.
  • Carbonated baths: during treatments carbon dioxide makes the skin visibly red and even after 2 or 3 minutes after the treatment the dilation of blood vessels can be felt. Its blood-pressure reducing effect is long lasting only after multiple therapies. It is beneficial for people suffering from chronic artery and circulatory problems, while also speeding up the healing process of wounds. It reduces blood viscosity, which is important in the case of post-heart attack rehabilitation.
  • Underwater physiotherapy: belongs to the group of hydrotherapies, producing its effect directly through the water’s physical and thermal stimuli. Its advantage is that the exercises require less muscle power, making it doable for people, who otherwise would not be able to do it.

Mud treatment

Mud treatments are carried out using mud wraps made from our own mud which is obtained from drillings and from the sediment of the thermal water. Wrappings can be done on the whole body or just on individual parts of the body. The mud is usually applied on the body at a temperature of 42°C, creating a 2-3 cm thick layer, which is then covered with sheets, rubber-sheets, and blankets. From a gynecological point of view mud treatment is beneficial in the case of inflammations, adnexitis, parametritis, menstrual problems, underdevelopment of the genitalia or sterility. After two or three therapies a year, infertile women reported conception on several occasions.


  • Massages: our professional masseurs perform Swedish massage and reflexology massage. These massages have painkilling, muscle tone regulating, circulation improving, fatigue reducing effects, while also improving the mental state of the patient. Reflexology massages can help in the healing of some diseases of internal organs.
  • Physiotherapy: Physiotherapy means the execution of therapeutic exercises based on precise clinical examination. These therapies are carried out either in groups or individually. Our physiotherapists keep an eye on every patient during group therapies, correcting bad execution of exercises and demonstrating them if necessary. With physiotherapy, diseases can be prevented or treated on the level of the whole body or on the level of individual organs.

Electrotherapy, ultrasound therapy, light therapy

Our spa is equipped with modern devices operated by professionals. In the case of nerve, muscle, and joint pain, we use low-frequency treatments, which reduces pain and improves circulation. We often use galvan therapy to deliver the medicine into the body of the patient in the form of iontophoresis. Hydrogalvan therapies combine the benefits of hydrotherapy and electricity really well. We use this type of treatment in the case of diseases affecting multiple joints and parts of the body: rheumatoid, arthritis, soft tissue rheumatism, fibromyalgia. We use certain electric impulses (TENS, dynamic electricity) to reduce pain while other types are used to stimulate muscles. Mid-frequency therapies (interference), magnotherapy, and high-frequency therapies (short wave-length, decimeter wave, microwave) are used to reduce pain and inflammations, improving blood circulation as well. Because of the physical and biological characteristics of ultrasound therapy, it has multiple uses: pain and inflammation reduction, antispasmodic use, fibrolytic and exfoliating effects. Because of these effects, this therapy type is often used in the treatment of locomotive diseases during physiotherapy.

From the available light therapies, the infrared light therapy reduces pain, stiffness, and edema, while improving blood circulation and the healing of wounds. We have achieved good results in the treatment of psoriasis, using the photobiological characteristics of ultraviolet radiation. The soft laser treatment increases metabolism, blood circulation, and helps with tissue regeneration, while also reducing inflammation and pain. This is why we primarily use it in the treatment of degenerative, inflammatory locomotive diseases, or in the process of follow-up treatments after injuries and operations.

Water drinking and inhalation therapy

According to new research, water from deep wells, which is optimal for bathing therapies, is not recommended to be consumed as part of a water drinking therapy because of its high metaboric-acid content. However, water from the upper layers, enriched with carbon dioxide, is perfect for water therapy. The Pávai Vajna mineral water is high in hydrogen carbonate, which makes it effective in the treatment of digestive diseases, acid related conditions, catarrh and ulcer related diseases.

Because of the mineral water’s inflammation reducing possibility, it is effective against bronchial disorders, in which case it is used as part of an inhalation therapy, improving breathing problems.


The newest treatment available in the Hungarospa Medical Spa is mofetta (i.e. carbon dioxide medical gas therapy). Before the usage of mofetta, a medical examination is obligatory. Therapies are prescribed by our own rheumatologists. The carbon dioxide gas diffuses through the skin and due to its blood vessel dilating effect, it is beneficial to the peripheral circulation and microcirculation, and indirectly influences the cardiovascular functions by having a hemodynamic effect. The treatments are done in booths, filled with CO2, which is an odorless, invisible gas that is heavier than air. Because of the blood vessel dilating effect the diffusing gas creates a pleasant warmth in the skin.

At the beginning of the therapy, a medical examination takes place, and based on the result, the rheumatologist prescribes the appropriate amount of time the guest can spend in the booth.                   

The rheumatologists of the spa work under the supervision of our head physician Dr. Judit Fehér. It is important to note that the treatment is contraindicated in a few cases. You should not use the spa if you suffer from acute inflammatory diseases, cancer, malignant tumor, circulatory failures, acute blood pressures, tuberculosis, serious illnesses of the central nervous system and infectious skin diseases.