Medical treatments

In  our medical spa you can get more than 40 kins of treatment, such as, massage, mud treatment, weight bath, physiotherapy in water and soft laser treatment.
Here more and more people recover because of thermal water. This medicinal water can mainly help to recover rheumatic ills. The cure is effective for those suffering from chronic locomotor disorders, degenerative illnesses and locomotor disorders of surgical, neurological, internal and dermatological origins. Patients having gone through orthopaedic operations return regularly to get follow-up treatments. We have also achieved good results with patients recovering from cerebral haemorrhage or paralyses following the Heine-Medin illness as well as with treatment for chronic neuralgia and neuritis stenoses and leg ulcers often start to heal as a result of the treatment.
The water has a good effect upon gynaecological inflammation, too. After two or three cures a year childless, infertile women could become pregnant on several occaisons. This is explained by the oestrogen, which is found in the water.

The rheumatologists of the spa work under the supervision of head physician Dr. Judit Fehér. It is important to note that the treatment is contraindicated in a few cases. You mustn't use the spa if you suffer from acute inflammatory diseases, cancer, malignant tumor, circulatory failures, acute blood pressures rise, tubercolosis, serious illnesses of the central nervous system and infectious skin diseases.